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Hot Nude Pics of Maggie Q

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Ever since the release of Mission Impossible III, I have had the major hots for Maggie Q. It’s not every day that you see an Asian hottie that can compete with local Hollywood Beauties. But Maggie Q is different from them! In my opinion, Maggie Q is even hotter than most of the stars in the red carpet! I am not kidding. There is something about Maggie Q that is so sexy and exotic that you just want to bring her home and fuck the brains out of her. But we all know that won’t be easy – what with the way she handled herself in MI:III, all those stunts, she’s gonna be a lot to handle.

Save for her height, Maggie Q can very well be a model! She has a nice, slender body, a nice pair of tits, firm, spankable ass, and a pussy that wouldn’t give up in battle (well, that’s just me imagining her pussy after her action-star roles). She is one hot fuck and boy, what I’d do to her when I get her to sleep with me! I’d suck those tities until milk comes out of them, I’d spank her ass until it’s red as blood, and I’d lick, finger, and fuck that pussy until it begs my to stop! I love Maggie Q and if you do as well, here are hot nude pics of her! Click here for hot pics of Maggie Q and fall in love once again!