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Hot and sexy Maggie Q had a wild evening with her mystery lover. Giving him a sloppy blowjob on the bed while in her stockings which then torn apart so she can get a good fucking. And she got plowed rough alright and getting a hot cum facial to boot!

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June 23rd, 2010 by ms.q

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Here are real pics of international actress Maggie Q in different naughty poses. Here, the delectable hottie is dressed up in a tight, booty-revealing Santa Claus costume fit for a ho! Maggie Q was born in Hawaii; her mother’s Vietnamese and her father’s Polish-Irish. This totally hot babe quickly rose to fame by starring in Hongkong action movies and she has now gone to Hollywood. She’ll next appear as a seductive assassin in the reboot of the action franchise Nikita, wherein she’ll play the title role.

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And here’s another provocative photo of Maggie Q sans costume. Maggie is a staunch supporter of PETA, the animal rights advocacy group. In the photo below, she urges her fans to go vegetarian. Yeah, Maggie, I want to taste those mouth-watering melons of yours!

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August 14th, 2009 by ms.q

Maggie Q is probably the hottest Asian in Hollywood today. Oh yes, this Mission Impossible hottie is smokin’ and she has no problem getting attention! Hell, attention is her pet! Wherever she goes, there will always be guys of all ages swooning at her! She turns heads, alright, and guys who see her always end up with awkward hard-ons that they have to take care of sooner than later, if they don’t want their peckers sticking out of their shorts while at work. Like I said, Maggie Q gets attention, even from cocks!

Maggie Q attracts attention effortlessly! With good reason! What with a perfect pair of perky tits, a firm, well-toned ass, a pretty pussy that’s as tight as it has ever been, all in a slim, slender body that girls would die for, who wouldn’t pay her attention? Hell, even animals would pay attention to her, flowers would bloom when she passes by, and clouds part for the sun to get a glimpse of Maggie Q! She is one hot Asian chick and the fact that she likes sex makes her even hotter! Just look at her all excited to suck cock and take a big hard cock up in the ass! What can I say, Maggie Q loves blowjobs and anal sex! Click here so you can see for herself!

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Maggie Q, Quigley for long, has mesmerized people from all over the world since she graced them with her beauty with her death-defying stunts and slim, slender, and sexy body in Mission Impossible III some three years ago. Since then, a lot of horndogs have been secretly wishing for Maggie Q to strip her clothes off and reveal ‘the goods’. However, that might not happen soon as we want. Maggie Q might like to dress sexy but she is a conservative girl and was raised right! Of course, that’s a good thing about her but that sucks, for all of us.

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Ever since the release of Mission Impossible III, I have had the major hots for Maggie Q. It’s not every day that you see an Asian hottie that can compete with local Hollywood Beauties. But Maggie Q is different from them! In my opinion, Maggie Q is even hotter than most of the stars in the red carpet! I am not kidding. There is something about Maggie Q that is so sexy and exotic that you just want to bring her home and fuck the brains out of her. But we all know that won’t be easy – what with the way she handled herself in MI:III, all those stunts, she’s gonna be a lot to handle.

Save for her height, Maggie Q can very well be a model! She has a nice, slender body, a nice pair of tits, firm, spankable ass, and a pussy that wouldn’t give up in battle (well, that’s just me imagining her pussy after her action-star roles). She is one hot fuck and boy, what I’d do to her when I get her to sleep with me! I’d suck those tities until milk comes out of them, I’d spank her ass until it’s red as blood, and I’d lick, finger, and fuck that pussy until it begs my to stop! I love Maggie Q and if you do as well, here are hot nude pics of her! Click here for hot pics of Maggie Q and fall in love once again!